Table 1

L. rhamnosus GG-derived strains used in this studya

StrainGenotypeTarget locusInactivated moleculeAdhesion domainReference
ATCC53103Wild type8
CMPG5230ΔmabA::TcrLGG_01865MabA = large modulatory protein of adhesion and biofilm formationPF07564 (fibronectin)40
CMPG5351ΔwelE::TcrLGG_02043Long galactose-rich EPS molecules26
CMPG5355ΔadhA::TcrLGG_02923Putative adhesion exoproteinPF07523 (bacterial Ig-like domain)This study
CMPG5356Δmbf::TcrLGG_02337Mbf = mucus binding factorPF06458 (mucus)This study; 41
CMPG5357ΔspaCBA::TcrLGG_00442–LGG_00444spaCBA-encoded pili; SpaA = putative major pilin subunit, SpaB = putative minor pilin subunit at the base, SpaC = putative large-sized tip adhesinSpaC: PF00092 (Von Willebrand factor type A domain) and PF05738 (collagen)This study
CMPG5358ΔspaFED::TcrLGG_02370SpaD is the putative major backbone protein of cryptic SpaFED-type pili in L. rhamnosus GGSpaD: PF05737 (collagen)This study
CMPG5365ΔwelE::Tcr ΩspaC::EryrLGG_02043 LGG_00442Galactose-rich EPS and spaCBA-encoded pili (double mutant)This study
  • a For more details on the adhesion domains, we refer to reference 19.