Table 2

Correlation analyses across all colonies and sampling dates relating log10[titer] of DWV, BQCV, and SBV in uninfested pupae, mite-infested pupae, adult bees, and Varroa mites found in infested pupae to each other and to colony level adult and pupal mite infestation rates

ParameterR valuea
Uninfested pupaeInfested pupaeAdult mitesVarroa mitesMite infestation, adults
Uninfested Pupae
Infested pupae
Adult bees
Varroa mites
Mite infestation
  • a The correlations involving exclusively adults and/or uninfested pupae have 52 degrees of freedom, while those involving infested pupae and/or Varroa mites have 40 degrees of freedom. The correlations involving the mite infestation rates have 16 degrees of freedom. Correlations with associated P values of <0.01 or <0.001 are in boldface.

  • b P < 0.01.

  • c P < 0.001.