Table 1

Bacterial strains, bacteriophages, and plasmids used in this work

Strain, phage, or plasmidDescriptionaReference/source
L. lactis
    MG1363Plasmid-free and prophage-cured derivative of L. lactis NCDO71213
    MG1614Strr Rifr derivative of MG1363, Lcn972s13
    NZ9000MG1363, carrying pepN::nisRK21
    D1MG1614, Lcn972 high-resistant mutant, unstableThis work
    D1-20MG1614, Lcn972 low-resistant mutant derived from D1, stableThis work
    ΔdacA strainNZ9000 lacking dacA geneThis work
    ΔdacB strainMG1363 lacking dacB gene9
    ΔdltD strainMG1363 lacking dltD gene10
    MGRrFMG1363 pRV300::llrF30
E. coli
    DH10BPlasmid free, cloning hostInvitrogen
    c2L. lactis lytic phage belonging to c2 familyE. Bidnenko
    sk1L. lactis lytic phage belonging to 936 familyE. Bidnenko
    pORI280Emr lacZ+, integrative plasmid22
    pBL16600-bp dacA flanking regions cloned in pORI280This work
  • a Str, streptomycin; Rif, rifampin; Em, erythromycin.