Table 1

S. Typhimurium strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidGenotype or relevant characteristicsSource or reference
    14028sWild typeATCC
    LT2Wild typeATCC
    JDB81214028s ΔaroA::kanThis study
    JDB89014028s ΔaroA::kan complemented with pJDB5This study
    JDB78514028s ΔentB::kanThis study
    DM10438LT2 ΔentB::MudJDiana Downs
    JDB85914028s ΔiroB::kanThis study
    SA2438LT2 ΔtrpB76::kanDiana Downs
    JDB81814028s ΔtrpB::kanThis study
    DM1041LT2 phe::MudJDiana Downs
    DM11000LT2 KTHLT2Diana Downs
    pJDB5pGEM::aroA; 1,747-bp fragment containing aroA cloned from 14028s using primers aroA For and aroA Rev, inserted into pDriveThis study
    pKD3bla FRT cat FRT PS1 PS2 ori6K14
    pKD4bla FRT aph FRT PS1 PS2 ori6K14