Table 1

Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

Strain or plasmidRelevant genotype and/or phenotypeSource or reference
E. coli
    DH10BF mcrA Δ(mrr-hsdRMS-mcrBC) ϕ80dlacZΔM15 ΔlacX74 endA1 recA1 deoRΔ (ara,leu)7697 araD139 galU galK nupG rpsL λGibco BRL
    HB101F thi-1 hsd20 (rB mB) supE44 recA13 ara-14 leuB6 proA2 lacY1 rpsL20 (Smr) xyl-5 mtl-15
    S17-1pro thi, chromosomal tra operon and recA from plasmid RP449
P. stewartii
    DC283A Nalr derivative of wild-type strain SS1048
    DC440Wild type, isolated in 1999 in Wooster, OH10
    DM223wceG cpsA glycosyl transferase mutant; EPS partial mutant9
    DM5044DC283 yhiN∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5106DC283 sapD∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5107DC283 mtlA∷mini-Tn5-gusThis study
    DM5108DC283 sicA∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5115DC283 ysaG∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5121DC283 psaN1∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5123DC283 lepA∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5125DC283 pilD∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM 5126DC283 ospC∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5127DC283 kuP∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM5130DC283 ackA∷mini-Tn5-gus Nalr KmrThis study
    DM7003DC283 psaN2aphA3 Nalr KmrThis study
    ESΔRHypermucoid, esaR3
P. ananatis DC131Wild type, isolated from maize in Missouri in 197610
D. dadantii EC16Wild type35
    pBluescript SK(+)ColE1 α-lacZ AprStratagene
    pDM30071.4-kb BamHI/KpnI fragment containing Plac-ysaN+ cloned into pRK415; TcrThis study
    pLD55Suicide vector with R6K ori, α-lacZ, tetAR, Apr42
    pMM6pRK415 containing Plac-hrpL+41
    pRK415IncP a-lacZ, Tcr34
    pRK2013∷Tn7ColE1 mob+ traRK2 ΔrepRK2 repE kan∷Tn7 Tpr Smr Spr19
    pUC18KpUC18 with promoterless, terminatorless aphA cassette; Kmr39
    pUTmini-Tn5-gusMini-Tn5-gus in suicide vector pGP704; Apr Kmr22