Table 3

Homology searches of transposon junctions of 12 HrpL-downregulated mini-Tn5-gus insertion mutants

Insertion mutantGene name in P. stewartiiaPutative gene function in P. stewartiiClosest homologue (GenBank accession no.)bProtein sequence length (aa); identity (E-value)c
DM5106sapDPeptide transport system ATP-binding proteinPantoea ananatis SapD (YP_00519557)331; 99 (0.0)
DM5107mtlAPTS system, mannitol-specifc EII ABC componentP. ananatis MtlA (AER34649)644; 98 (0.0)
DM5108pchA*Type III secretion chaperone proteinYokenella regensburgei lcrH-sycD (EHM45774)184; 86 (4e-92)
DM5115psaG*Type III secretion apparatus proteinY. regensburgei mxiH (EHM45790)86; 85 (1e-37)
DM5121psaN*Type III secretion cytoplasmic ATP synthaseY. regensburgei invC (EHM45782)431; 89 (0.0)
DM5123lepAGTP-binding proteinP. ananatis lepA (ADD78062)599; 99 (0.0)
DM5125pilDLeader peptidase (prepilin peptidase)/N-methyltransferaseYersinia enterocolitica pulO (CAC83039)162; 98 (6e-40)
DM 5126ospC1Type III secretion effectorShigella flexneri ospC1 (AAL72322)480; 54 (6e-161)
DM5127kupKup system potassium uptake proteinP. ananatis kup (ADD77115)622; 97 (0.0)
DM5130ackAAcetate kinase A/propionate kinase 2P. ananatis ackA (YP_005194842)400; 99 (0.0)
DM5044yhiNFAD/NAD(P)-binding oxidoreductaseP. ananatis yhiN (AER30810)394; 97 (0.0)
  • a GenBank accession numbers for P. stewartii DC283 query sequences: sapD EHU00723; mtlA, EHT98766; pchA, ACT68037; psaG, ACT68022; psaN, ACT68029; lepA, EHT99695; ospC1, EHT98016; kup, EHU00817; ackA, EHT99841; and yhiN, EHT99058. *, gene within PSI-2 (Fig. 1A).

  • b Nucleotide sequences of genome regions flanking the mini-Tn5-gus were compared with protein-coding genes of the P. stewartii genome sequence in ASAP (24) using BLASTx. The full-length protein sequence of each P. stewartii gene was then BLAST searched against the GenBank nr protein database using BLASTP, and the closest homologue in another species is indicated.

  • c aa, amino acids.