Table 2

Fungal commercial cocktails testeda

Enzyme cocktailOriginFungal species% sugar
E508-CL847IFPENTrichoderma reesei100100
Accelerase 1500GenencorTrichoderma reesei91113
Cellobiase 188NovozymeAspergillus niger31113
CelluclastNovozymeTrichoderma reesei98117
Depol 686LBiocatalystsTrichoderma reesei98104
Depol 740LBiocatalystsHumicola sp.41119
HemicellulaseSigmaAspergillus niger38115
Pectinex Ultra SP-LNovozymeAspergillus aculeatus62102
Viscozyme LNovozymeAspergillus aculeatus4102
XylanaseSigmaTrichoderma viride39113
  • a Total solubilized sugars were measured using enzyme cocktails alone (−CL847) and supplemented with the T. reesei secretome (+CL847) and were expressed as a percentage by taking the result for T. reesei CL847 commercial cocktail as a reference. Values are means of at least triplicate measures performed independently. Standard errors of the means were <5%.