Table 4

16S rRNA gene (total Bacteria and Archaea) and target gene (fungi) copy numbers determined by qPCR and Shannon diversity indexes in two saturated sediment columns

Sampling site16S rRNA gene copy no./g of sedimentTarget gene copy no./g of sediment for fungiShannon diversity index
Moderate-DOC column
    1 cm5.0E+08–1.30E+092.5E+06–5.30E+062.9E+07–1.50E+085.9
    15 cm3.8E+07–4.50E+074.80E+052.2E+06–6.60E+067.7
    30 cm1.4E+07–2.00E+071.60E+055.9E+05–6.10E+057.9
    45 cm9.6E+06–1.70E+071.30E+051.6E+05–3.30E+058.1
    60 cm4.6E+06–5.70E+071.80E+051.6E+05–1.30E+068.2
Low-DOC column
    0 m1.10E+093.50E+062.60E+077.6
    1 m7.90E+083.90E+067.00E+077.8
    2 m2.50E+082.90E+063.60E+067.9
    3 m3.50E+081.40E+064.40E+067.7