Table 1

Characterization of mecA-positive staphylococcia

FarmStaphylococcal species isolated from pig nostril (nb)SCCmec type(s)Staphylococcal species isolated from dust (nb)SCCmec typeNo. of ADD/yrTotal no. of isolates
3S. equorum (1)NDNone<51
4S. lentus (1)NDNone<51
5S. aureus (2)IVaS. aureus (1)IVa11.25
S. pasteuri (1)IVc
S. haemolyticus (1)V
7S. fleurettii (1)NDNone211
8S. aureus (4)VS. saprophyticus (1)IV305
9S. aureus (3)VS. equorum (1)VI327
S. epidermidis (2)V, NDS. epidermidis (1)V
10S. aureus (6)VS. aureus (3)V3524
S. cohnii (6)IVcS. cohnii (1)IVc
S. sciuri (1)IIIS. sciuri (1)ND
S. haemolyticus (3)IVc, IVvarS. haemolyticus (1)IVvar
S. saprophyticus (1)IVcS. epidermidis (1)IVc
Total no. of isolates331144
  • a ADD/yr, animal daily dosages per year (antibiotic usage); ND, not determined; var, unknown subtype variant.

  • b n, no. of isolates.