Table 1

Results of PLSR analysisa

ParameterResult by sample type and analysis
All (n = 57)Grassland (n = 27)Forest (n = 30)
Explained variance (%)
    In fingerprinting pattern72.18.858.010.470.411.1
    Of component by predictors19.522.914.412.320.231.1
Square wt of predictors
    Nitrogen (N)0.0370.0490.1880.1120.1480.143
    Corg/N ratio0.2030.2060.0140.0270.1310.146
    Soil moisture0.0300.0390.0550.0580.1140.115
    Soil temp0.0300.0200.1000.0260.0080.047
    Soil respiration0.0420.0540.0670.0270.0250.031
    Land use intensitybb0.0470.0900.0090.002
  • a Results include the explanatory capacity of the first component as well as the square weight of each predictor within each component to estimate significant (>0.10 in bold, >0.05 in bold italics) and nonsignificant (<0.05) predictors in each component. The abundance of amoebae and flagellates and the number of vascular plant species were included in the calculations but did not show any significant correlations and, therefore, have been excluded from the table.

  • b Land use intensity was calculated from different variables for grassland and forest and therefore cannot be compared between all sites.