Table 2

Spearman's rank correlation coefficient rho of relative 16S rRNA gene T-RF abundances across all grassland samples with soil and site characteristicsa

Characteristic (n = 27 samples)T-RF 82, Gp1T-RF 86, Gp1T-RF 90, Gp1T-RF 256, Gp1T-RF 142, Gp3T-RF 139, Gp4T-RF 134, Gp5T-RF 163, Gp6T-RF 189, Gp6T-RF 192, Gp6T-RF 283, Gp6T-RF 460, Gp11T-RF 272, Gp18T-RF 554
Nitrogen (N)−0.120.380.140.52*0.59**0.4−0.79***−0.48−0.53*−0.19−0.53*−0.56*−0.59**0.59**
Soil moisture0.59**0.02−0.63***0.350.54*0.27−0.20−0.21−0.22−0.02−0.30−0.69**−0.440.45
Soil temp−0.290.51*0.430.450.230.56*−0.57*−0.37−0.44−0.52*−0.44−0.67**−0.490.52*
Soil respiration−0.330.320.450.52*0.330.50*−0.67**−0.60**−0.40−0.36−0.45−0.49−0.66***0.62**
  • a Only T-RFs with significant (*, P < 0.05; **, P < 0.01; ***, P < 0.001) correlations are shown in bold. P values have been adjusted for multiple comparisons by the FDR approach. The predominant acidobacterial subgroup represented by the analyzed T-RFs is mentioned. Abundance of amoebae and flagellates; the number of vascular plant species; land use intensity; ammonium, nitrate, and phosphorus content; and Corg/N ratio were included in the calculations but did not show any significant correlations and, therefore, have been excluded from the table.