Table 2

Reference strains

Strain in this studyStrainaSourceOriginDate16S rRNA typedvcgeVirulencef
R-1CDC 9060-96ClinicalbTX1996BvcgCVirulent
R-2CDC 9070-96ClinicalcTX1996BvcgCVirulent
R-498-640 DP-E9OysterLA1998AvcgEVirulent
R-599-625 DP-D8OysterTX1999ABvcgEVirulent
R-799-609 DP-A4OysterOR1999AvcgEVirulent
R-899-537 DP-G7OysterMD1999AvcgEVirulent
  • a For a full description of these strains, see the work of Thiaville et al. (48).

  • b Fatal outcome.

  • c Patient recovered from infection.

  • d Typed as described by Nilsson et al. (31).

  • e Typed described by Rosche et al. (41).

  • f Based on the work of Thiaville et al. (48).