Table 1

Strain list

StrainDescriptionReference(s) or source
PBL2000S. solfataricus strain 98/2 (wild type)30
PBL2025PBL2000; deletion of Sso3004 to Sso305033
DSM1617S. solfataricus P2 (wild type)DSMZ
PBL2028PBL2000; deletion of Sso3017 to Sso3050; IS1::Sso305318, 33
PBL2091PBL2025; deletion of Sso0615 to Sso0616 (pyrEF) by markerless exchangeThis work
PBL2092PBL2091; Sso1949::lacS, Sso2534::pyrEF by linear recombinationThis work
PBL2074PBL2025; Sso1949::lacS by linear recombinationThis work
PBL2105PBL2025; deletion of Sso3052 to Sso3060 using plasmid pBN1202 (pUC19; Sso3052::lacS::Sso3060) by consecutive single crossoverThis work
PBL2099PBL2091/pBN1226 (pKlacS; Sso1354::C-His6)This work
PBL2106PBL2025; deletion of Sso2833 to Sso2850 using plasmid pBN1204 (pUC19; Sso2833::lacS::Sso2850) by linear recombinationThis work
PBL2113PBL2028/pBN1239 (pKlacS; Sso3053)This work