Table 1

Clone frequencies in libraries of archaeal 16S rRNA genes and mcrA genes obtained from the hindguts of higher termites, documenting the cooccurrence of a novel lineage of Thermoplasmatales-related archaea and a cluster of novel mcrA genes

Termite speciesa16S rRNA genes (%)bNo. of clonesmcrA genes (%)cNo. of clones
MethanomicrobialesMethanobacterialesMethanosarcinalesNovel lineageMethanomicrobialesMethanobacterialesMethanosarcinalesNovel cluster
C. ugandensis27262028661933143534
Ophiotermes sp.07652880049282319
Trinervitermes sp.503101942186401811
M. michaelseni05245244074161119
A. trestus3840143746403225
  • a Representing all major lineages of higher termites (Termitidae): C. ugandensis and Ophiotermes sp. (Termitinae), Trinervitermes sp. (Nasutitermitinae), M. michaelseni (Macrotermitinae), and A. trestus (Apicotermitinae).

  • b Obtained with primer pair Ar109f and Ar912r.

  • c Obtained with primer pair mcrA-f and mcrA-r.