Table 1

Localities and coordinates of the collection sites of adult D. andersoni and D. variabilis, and the number of ticks positive for the presence of the Francisella 16S rRNA gene at each locality

LocalityCoordinates (decimal degrees)D. andersoniD. variabilis
Latitude (north)Longitude (west)No. testedNo. Francisellapositive (%)No. testedNo. Francisellapositive (%)
Lethbridge, Alberta49.73721112.8475110073 (73)a
Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park, Saskatchewan50.64528107.963108279 (96)9692 (96)
Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan49.21666107.700001715 (88)11 (100)
Buffalo Pound Provincial Park, Saskatchewan50.57582105.313563328 (85)7970 (89)
Douglas Provincial Park, Saskatchewan51.02966106.465901414 (100)4040 (100)
Danielson Provincial Park, Saskatchewan51.25933106.895806159 (97)9998 (99)
Outlook, Saskatchewan51.48807107.058171816 (89)1211 (92)
Harris, Saskatchewan51.73448107.5837010083 (83)129 (75)
Blackstrap Provincial Park, Saskatchewan51.79760106.45833a10595 (91)
Wakaw, Saskatchewan52.60297105.85426a4444 (100)
Minnedosa, Manitoba50.2471599.83870a9985 (86)
Kenora, Ontario49.9015394.49324a3028 (93)
Total425367 (86)617573 (93)
  • a Tick species does not occur at this locality.