Table 2

Genotypic and phenotypic characteristics of ESBL-producing E. coli isolates from water samples collected at three research bases in the Antarctic region, 2011

LocationIsolateESBL genotypeaMLSTPhenotypic resistance(s)b
STClonal complex
Greenwich Island1CTX-M-15ST410ST23 complexNa, Tet, Amp, Cfr
2CTX-M-15ST410ST23 complexNa, Tet, Amp, Cfr
3CTX-M-15ST410ST23 complexNa, Tet, Amp, Cfr
4CTX-M-15ST685UnassignedNa, Amp, Cfr
Antarctic Peninsula1CTX-M-15ST937UnassignedNa, Tet, Amp, Cfr
2CTX-M-15ST131UnassignedNa, Tet, Amp, Cfr
King George Island1CTX-M-1ST401UnassignedAmp, Cfr
2CTX-M-1ST131UnassignedAmp, Cfr
3CTX-M-1ST410ST23 complexAmp, Cfr
4CTX-M-1ST227ST10 complexAmp, Cfr
  • a None of the isolates were found to have TEM or SHV ESBL genotypes.

  • b Na, nalidixic acid; Tet, tetracycline; Amp, ampicillin; Cfr, cefadroxil.