Table 1

Growth rates of constructed strainsa

StrainGrowth rate by salt condition:
BG11, no saltSalt stress (150 mM)Salt (after acclimatization)
CscB + IPTG12.019.013.5
CscB, GalU15.016.515.5
CscB, GalU + IPTG18.020.519.0
CscB, InvA13.516.014.5
CscB, GlgC12.543.520.0
CscB, GlgP13.016.015.0
CscB, GlgP + IPTG15.020.015.5
  • a Doubling times for the indicated strains when grown under constant light with 2% CO2. Rates are calculated for growth in normal BG11 medium, immediately following transfer into 150 mM NaCl, and after acclimatization (≥4 days) to high salt (150 mM NaCl). CscB, strain expressing CscB; CscB + IPTG, CscB-expressing strain grown in the presence of IPTG; CscB, GalU, strain expressing CscB and GalU; CscB, InvA, strain expressing CscB and InvA; CscB, GlgC, strain expressing CscB and GlgC; CscB, GlgP, strain expressing CscB and GlgP.