Table 1

OTUs within each lineage that showed a strong negative correlationa

Cutoff (%)PatternOTU identifierClassification
85Temporal3.5.27 and 3.5.5Betaproteobacteria
93Temporal3. and
93Temporal16. and
85Spatial3.5.27 and 3.5.5Betaproteobacteria
93Spatial3. and
93Spatial3. and
93Spatial3. and
93Spatial16. and
99.5Spatial3. and
  • a The table lists the OTUs in each lineage (i.e., 75% cutoff OTUs) that show strong negative correlations (as summarized in Fig. 2, blue bars). See Fig. 1 for the OTU classification methodology. See Fig. S6 in the supplemental material for a network diagram displaying correlations among OTUs.