Table 1

Composition of resident microbiota in D. melanogaster reared on a CT-free diet and a +CT diet, determined by 16S rRNA gene sequence analysis of bacterial colonies cultured on nutrient agar

NCBI accession no. of sequences recoveredAccession no. of NCBI sequence with identityTaxonomic identity% sequence identityNo. of bacterial colonies
CT-free diet (n = 33)+CT diet (n = 30)
KC485830KC485840, KC485851KC485862GQ359863.1Acetobacter sp. strain 6-C-2 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence98–991112
KC485818KC485819NR_025512.1Acetobacter cerevisiae strain LMG 1625 16S rRNA, partial sequence97–9920
KC485872HM218620.1Acetobacter malorum strain NM156-4 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence98–9901
KC485841KC485842, KC485871FJ227313.1Acetobacter pasteurianus strain bh12 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence96–9821
KC485843KC485849, KC485873KC485874FN429068.1Acetobacter pasteurianus strain SX461 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence96–9972
KC485850FN429074.1Acetobacter pasteurianus strain ZJ362 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9710
KC485821KC485829, KC485863KC485870EU096229.1Acetobacter pomorum strain EW816 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence97–9998
KC485878GU369767.1Lactobacillus brevis strain JS-7-2 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9901
KC485879FJ227317.1Lactobacillus brevis strain b4 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9801
KC485875, KC485876GU253891.1Lactobacillus pentosus strain N3 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9802
KC485880AB494721.1Lactobacillus plantarum strain KL23 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9901
KC485877HM449702.1Micrococcus luteus strain PCSB6 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9701
KC485820DQ981281.1Uncultured bacterium clone thom_c06 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence9810