Table 4

Comparison of the photokilling efficiencies with the use of three groups of photosensitizersa

PS groupPhotosensitizer(s)Photosensitizer concnLog10 reduction in survivalWavelength(s) (nm), light sourceLight dose (J/cm2)Reference
Phthalocyanine-based PSZnPcM, ZnPcS6 μM4–7675, laser12–60 32
BAM-SiPc0.0025–0.08 μM0.9675, laser12 33
GaPcs3 μM4–5635, LED50 34
Pc41 μM4–5670–675, LED2 35
SiPc1, GePc11.8 μMEradication635, LED50 36
Porphyrin-based PSPhotofrin1 μg/ml400–700, Hg lamp9 37
PEI-ce61–10 μM4–6665, laser16 38
TFAP(3+), TMAP(4+), TPPS(4−)1–5 μM5300–800162 39
Photofrin25 μg/ml630, laser45–135 40
TMpyP5 μM5300–800162 41
Photogem50 μg/ml1.79–3.9937.5 42
SSO-PVisible300 43
Phenothiazine-based PSTBO50 μM7620–650, noncoherent10–20 20
MB0.027 μM0.9683, laser28 44
TBO, MB, MG320, 310, 270 μM3, 3, 2.5660, laser39.5 45
TBO, MB, NMB20 μM0, 0, 4.43635, 660, noncoherent10 9
TBO, MB320, 310 μM68553 46
ImidazoacridinoneC1330100 μM6385–480, noncoherent100This work
  • a ZnPcM, tetrakis-(3-methylpyridyloxy)phthalocyanine zinc(II); ZnPcS, tetrakis-(4-sulfophenoxy)phthalocyanine zinc(II); BAM-SiPc, silicon(IV) phthalocyanine; GaPcs, gallium(III) phthalocyanine; PEI-ce6, polyethyleneimine and chlorin(e6) conjugate; TFAP(3+), 5-(4-trifluorophenyl)-10,15,20-tris(4-trimethylammoniumphenyl)porphyrin iodide; TMAP(4+), 5,10,15,20-tetra(4-N,N,N-trimethylammonium phenyl)porphyrin p-tosylate; TPPS(4−), 5,10,15,20-tetra(4-sulfonatophenyl)porphyrin; TMpyP, 5,10,15,20-tetra(4-N-methylpyridyl)porphyrin; SSO-P, 5-(4-carboxyphenyl)-10,15,20-tris(4-methylphenyl)porphyrin conjugated with polysilsesquioxane; MG, malachite green; NMB, new methylene blue.