Table 2

Annotation of plasmid pTP2

ORFPosition (strand)Start/stop codonLength (aa)Function/featureaHomologue(s) (GenBank accession no.)Identity (%); E value
138…418 (+)ATG/TGA127Putative transcriptional regulator, wHTH foldDistant similarity to wHTH proteins of the Rf2 family; HHpred hit to 1stz, probability of 89.4
2418…861 (+)GTG/TGA148
3 (repTP2)791…1546 (+)ATG/TGA252RC-RepMethanococcus voltae A3 (YP_003706702); Methanococcus voltae A3 provirus MVV (YP_003707078)97/232 (42); 4e−52; 79/264 (30); 8e−21
Halorubrum pleomorphic virus 1 (YP_002791886)63/219 (29); 5e−11
41580…1711 (−)ATG/TGA44TMD (1�)
51814…1960 (+)ATG/TAG49SpoVT/AbrB-like transcriptional regulator; swapped-hairpin foldMethylocystis sp. strain ATCC 49242 (ZP_08073517); HHpred hits to 1mvf (MazE), probability of 97.4, and1yfb (AbrB), probability of 9313/41 (32); 0.32
  • a TMD, transmembrane domain (the number in parentheses denotes the number of predicted TMDs); wHTH, winged helix turn helix.