Table 1

Nutritional compositions of the fishmeal- and grain-based experimental diets utilized

IngredientAmt (g/kg)
Fishmeal dietGrain-based diet
Fish meala312.7
Blood mealb74.7
Soy protein concentratec289.1
Corn gluten meald251.7
Soybean meale192.4
Wheat gluten meale46.5
Wheat flourf284.0
Menhaden oilg112.0167.4
Vitamin premixh7.57.5
Dicalcium phosphate36.5
Trace mineral premixi1.01.0
Choline CL2.02.0
Ascorbic acidj2.02.0
Total protein (%)41.047.5
Total fat (%)15.118.0
  • a Omega Proteins; Menhaden Special Select; 628 g/kg protein.

  • b IDF Inc.; 832 g/kg protein.

  • c Solae; Pro-Fine VF; 693 g/kg crude protein.

  • d Cargill; 602.0 g/kg protein.

  • e ADM Inc.; 480 g/kg protein.

  • f Manildra Milling; 120 g/kg protein.

  • g Omega Proteins Inc.

  • h United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) no. 30. Amounts contributed per kilogram of diet were as follows: vitamin A (as retinol palmitate), 10,000 IU; vitamin D3, 720 IU; vitamin E (as dl-α-tocopherol acetate), 530 IU; niacin, 330 mg; calcium pantothenate, 160 mg; riboflavin, 80 mg; thiamine mononitrate, 50 mg; pyridoxine hydrochloride, 45 mg; menadione sodium bisulfate, 25 mg; folacin, 13 mg; biotin, 1 mg; vitamin B12, 30 μg.

  • i USFWS no. 3. Amounts contributed (mg/kg of diet) were as follows: zinc, 37; manganese, 10; iodine, 5; copper, 1.

  • j Rovimix Stay-C; 35%; DSM Nutritional Products.

  • k Carophyl Pink; DSM Nutritional Products.