Table 2

Summary of the error rates and number of observed OTUs for the sequencing runs described in Table 1

Region and runError rate (%) for:% reads remaining from basic (ΔQ = 0)Average no. of OTUsa
BasicΔQ = 6PreclusterMockbMockcSoilMouseHuman
  • a The average number of OTUs is based on rarefaction of each sample to 5,000 sequences per sample; cells labeled ND reflect samples that did not have at least one replicate with more than 5,000 sequences.

  • b Number of OTUs in the mock community when all chimeras were removed; in the absence of chimeras and sequencing errors, there should be 20 OTUs for all three regions.

  • c Number of OTUs in the mock community when chimeras were removed using UCHIME.