Table 1

Summary of the results of clone library analyses of 16S rRNA and functional genes from three iron-rich flocs at circumneutral pH

Target gene and clone libraryTotal no. of clonesNo. of OTU0.03aChao1 richness (95% CIb)Shannon diversity index% coverageReference or source
Bacterial 16S rRNA gene
    OytB13467184 (124–310)3.9261.2This study
    HfmB10748103 (70–190)3.5272.020
Archaeal 16S rRNA gene
    OytA341442 (21–119)2.3476.5This study
    HfmA482856 (38–110)3.1056.320
    OytpmoA601634 (20–91)1.8781.7This study
    HfmpmoA431421 (15–48)2.1281.4This study
    OytcbbM631321 (15–51)2.0788.9This study
    HfmcbbM551836 (23–83)2.2878.2This study
  • a OTU0.03, OTUs at a definition level of 0.03.

  • b CI, confidence interval.