Table 1

Selected NaCl responsive Tn5luxAB transcriptional fusions in S. meliloti 1021 after 8 h of incubation

S. meliloti strainSequencing and BLAST result(s)Reference(s) or source
DescriptionaLocusGene/locus nameTn5luxAB locationc
Sce1Hypothetical protein with SH3 regionsmc01590256–265This study
Sce2Putative dipeptide transporter permease and ATP binding proteinsmb20478572–580This study
Sce3Putative dipeptide ABC transporter ATP binding proteinsmb20479124–133This study
Sce4Putative nutrient deprivation inducedsmb20227ndiA1299–30767, 68
Sce5Hypothetical protein HAD superfamilysmc04299loe3b−1–756
Sce6Conserved hypothetical proteinsmc014454–12This study
Sce7NSThis study
Sce8Putative methyl transferasesmb20238loe2b/C117–2641, 56
Sce9NSThis study
Sce10Asparagine synthasesmb20481loe4b/asnO979–98744, 53, 55, 56, 69, 70
Sce11GCN5-related N-acetyltransferasesmb20482loe6b/ngg1058–106644, 53, 56, 69, 70
Sce12Short-chain alcohol dehydrogenasesmb20073273–281This study
  • a HAD, haloacid dehalogenase; NS, not sequenced.

  • b Expressed under conditions of low oxygen.

  • c Location of the Tn5luxAB insertion relative to upstream ATG.