Table 1

Hospital and domestic samples

SourceNo. of samples (no. positive)Total no. of strainsNo. of pulsotypesPulsotype(s) (OXA variant[s])a
Handwashing-sink drainsToilet pansShower drainsSluice sinksTotal
    ICU-125 (1)227 (1)11A (OXA-114h)
    ICU-211 (1)11 (1)11Un. (OXA-114i)
    ICU-35 (1)2 (1)7 (2)21B (OXA-114p)
    Pediatrics8 (3)19 (3)32C (OXA-114f), Db (OXA-114h)
    CF Center411 (1)6 (1)11E (OXA-114f)
    Nephrology512 (1)4 (2)12 (3)31F (OXA-114 m)
    Pneumology13 (2)66 (4)227 (6)76G (OXA-114h), H (OXA-114a), Un. (OXA-114e), Un. (OXA-114g), Un. (OXA-114s), Un. (OXA-114s)
    Hematology43 (7)617 (3)167 (10)116C (OXA-114f), I (OXA-114c), Un. (OXA-114g), Un. (OXA-114g), Un. (OXA-114l), Un. (OXA-243e)
    Dentistry14c (4)41J (OXA-114r)
    Total121 (15)15 (0)25 (8)13 (4)188 (31)3319
Domestic31 (3)13 (0)14 (4)58 (7)99Un. (OXA-114a), Un. (OXA-114c), Un. (OXA-114c), Un. (OXA-114f), K (OXA-114h), Un. (OXA-114i), Un. (OXA-114j), Un. (OXA-114t), Un. (OXA-114v)
  • a Letters designate pulsotypes that were recovered more than once. Un., unique (i.e., the pulsotype was recovered only once). Pulsotypes in bold are identical to clinical strain pulsotypes. Pulsotype C includes strains from 2 departments and clinical strains.

  • b Pulsotype also recovered in one sample from the Saone River.

  • c Dental chair water samples.