Table 2

Characteristics of the strains found at outdoor positives sampling sitesa

Outdoor source and sample typeNo. of samples (no. positive)No. of pulsotypesPulsotype(s) (OXA variant)bDescription of source
Ouche River (95.4 km)
    Water11 (3)3Un. (OXA-114b) Un. (OXA-114g) Un. (OXA-114g)Water treatment, port
    Mud13 (2)2Un. (OXA-114h) Un. (OXA-114q)Water treatment
Saone River water (480 km)2 (1)1Dc (OXA-114h)Boating, fishing
Lake Arc-sur-Tille water (36 ha)2 (1)1Un. (OXA-114u)Swimming, water sports
Dijon Marina water (3 ha)1 (1)1Un. (OXA-114a)Port
Total29 (8)8
  • a Only one strain was isolated from each positive sample.

  • b Letters designate pulsotypes that were recovered more than once. Un., unique (i.e., the pulsotype was recovered only once).

  • c This pulsotype was also recovered in the pediatrics department of the hospital.