Table 1

Description, identification, and frequency of occurrence of fungal isolates of different morphotypes recovered from surfaces of buried polyester PU coupons

NCBI accession no.MorphotypeClosest match in NCBI databaseFrequency on PUA platesaTemp. (°C) and environmentbHomology (%)
KF314698Brown colored, septate (morphotype 5)Volutella ciliata++25 s100
JX996129Yellowish cottony mycelium (morphotype 7)Fusarium solani+++25 c+s100
JX996130Olive green, filamentousAspergillus fumigatus+++45+50 c100
JX996131Yellowish cottony mycelium (morphotype 7)Fusarium oxysporum+++25 c+s100
JX996132Yeast like (morphotype 4)Trichosporon moniliforme+++25 c+s99
JX996133Dark green color, granular (morphotype 6)Penicillium mandriti++25 c99
JX996134Dark green color, granular (morphotype 6)Penicillium chrysogenum++25 c+s99
JX996135White cottony (morphotype 2)Bionectria ochroleuca++25 c+s99
JX996136Dark green color, granular (morphotype 6)Penicillium roseopurpureum+25 c99
JX996137Gray (morphotype 1)Alternaria sp.++25 s98
JX996139Brown, floccose, radial edges (morphotype 3)Geomyces pannorum++25 c+s100
JX996140Peach, felt likeThermomyces lanuginosus+++50 c100
  • a Symbols: +++, dominant; ++, frequent; +, occasional.

  • b Abbreviations: c, compost; s, soil.