Table 1

Diversity, richness, abundance, and evenness indices for 2008 and 2010 field samplesa

Soil typeSample sourceShannon diversity indexbRichness indexcAbundancedEvennesse
Bulk soilInside the patch4.20 a4.84 a2073402,149 ab1,451 b0.79 ab0.83
Outside the patch4.07 a4.96 a1863651,744 b1,570 ab0.78 ab0.84
Recovered patch4.32 a1781,152 c0.83 a
Rhizosphere soilInside the patch3.24 b4.83 a1703222,779 a1,763 a0.63 c0.83
Outside the patch3.64 ab4.84 a1833302,216 a1,593 ab0.70 b0.83
Recovered patch3.83 ab2012,917 a0.72 b
  • a The values followed by different letters in the same column were significantly different according to Fischer's LSD test (P ≤ 0.05). Each sample included three replicates.

  • b The Shannon diversity index (H) was calculated as the follows: −Σ(Pi × log[Pi]), where Pi is the proportion of the total population for each individual species or OTU.

  • c The richness index, S, is the total number of OTUs/sample.

  • d The abundance represents the total number of individual sequences in each sample.

  • e The evenness, E, is calculated as follows: H/ln(S).