Table 4

Frequencies of bacterial taxa in rhizospheres of field samples versus greenhouse cycling experiment samples

FamilyGenusFrequency (×10−3) of genus ina:
Greenhouse samplesField samples (in 2010)
Cycle1Cycle2Cycle3Inside the patchOutside the patch
OxalobacteraceaeMassilia (OTU288)1.21 c5.50 b14.89 a2.40 a0.20 b
Duganella (OTU4)1.14 c22.89 b32.36 a12.32 a4.49 b
Herbaspirillum (OTU94)1.14 b5.88 b72.82 a7.27 a0 b
FlavobacteriaceaeChryseobacterium (OTU437)0 c65.54 a15.21 b3.64 a0.23 b
ChitinophagaceaeChitinophaga (OTU38)2.50 b7.50 a5.60 a4.88 a1.17 b
SphingobacteriaceaePedobacter (OTU380)3.85 b11.86 a3.27 b3.02 a1.88 b
PseudomonadaceaePseudomonas (OTU9)1.71 b6.16 a5.64 a12.07 a2.88 b
  • a Values followed by different letters in the same row were significantly different for greenhouse samples versus field samples according to Tukey's test (P ≤ 0.05). The values are average frequencies, from three replicates, of the sequence per 1,000 reads.