Table 1

Sample characteristics of a 4-m WLB sediment core and clone library analyses for members of the Bacteria

SectionDepth (cm)Texture descriptionCompositionNo. of clonesNo. of OTUsChao-1 value with 95% confidence intervalaGood's coverage (%)SDI
4I5–10Intermediate dryness with silt/sand, few pebblesMixture of microbial mat and terrigenous materials188111272 (194, 421)60.64.5
4II50–55Solid, large clasts, sand/soil-likeMainly terrigenous particles10660129 (89, 222)63.23.9
5I150–155Very moist, fine-grained materialMicrobial mat10653110 (75, 197)69.83.7
5II250–255Larger clasts with some fine-grained materialMixture of microbial mat and terrigenous materials
5III350–355Large dry clasts, coarse materialMainly terrigenous particles422278 (35, 272)64.32.8
Total442175383 (294, 538)76.94.7
  • a Chao-1 95% confidence interval lower bound and Chao-1 95% confidence interval upper bound are shown in parentheses following Chao-1 richness estimation.