Table 1

Abundance of bacterial sequences from glycoside hydrolase families associated with the degradation of carbon molecules with β-glucosidic bondsa

GH familyGenes described in the CAZy databaseCellulose synthesis (reference)No. of identified orthologs (SEED)
Total no. of hitsCharacterized enzymesbEndocellulaseExocellulaseβ-GlucosidaseOther characterized activity (hits)
12,890871485 (43)10,364
33,212915558 (50)8,739
51,95220615226 (63)Yes (39)1,368
623116134Yes (40)140
853855264 (33)Yes (31)340 GH8 + 616 BcsZ
94687566611 (1)231
1214422211 (1)126
44551081 (4)3
  • a Data include genes described in the CAZy database (9), the number of characterized bacterial enzymes, and the presence of these genes in all bacterial sequenced genomes in the SEED database (as of 1 March 2012) (27). Known displayed activity data represent such activities in characterized enzymes as described in CAZy. Cellulose synthesis data represent the involvement of enzymes in cellulose synthesis. Identified ortholog data represent the number of genes identified in the present work.

  • b Some characterized proteins display several activities.