Table 3

Selected models for nowcasting at inland lakes and responses using calibration data set, 2010-2011

Site for modelAdj. R2 valueaThreshold probabilitybNo. of observationsNo. of exceedancesc% correctSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)
Alum Campers0.562084794.085.794.8
Alum North0.243083895.250.0100.0
Alum Central0.304587696.666.798.8
Atwood Main0.41301212885.167.990.3
Buckeye Brooks0.2540671983.663.291.7
Buckeye Crystal0.2140892774.255.682.3
Buckeye Fairfield0.4530891286.550.092.2
Buck Creek North0.2219991284.858.388.5
Buck Creek South0.33291021584.360.088.5
GLSM Campers0.3537822480.562.587.9
GLSM West0.1938762881.671.487.5
GLSM East0.2843761785.552.994.9
Tappan Main0.20341202484.250.092.7
  • a Fraction of the variation of E. coli concentrations that is explained by the model (Adj., adjusted).

  • b Established by examining the calibration data set to maximize correct responses.

  • c Number of days the Ohio single-sample bathing water standard of 235 CFU/100 ml was exceeded.