Table 5

Median values of water quality variables in the presence or absence of selected pathogen detection at inland lakes sites, 2011a

Model variablebMedian value of variable and associated P value
eaeA (E. coli)ipaH (Shigella)spvC (Salmonella)
AbsentPresentP valueAbsentPresentP valueAbsentPresentP value
E. coli (MPN/100 ml)361220.53210370.06384300.02
Specific conductance (μS/cm)3412880.072873140.093102990.88
Turbidity (NTU)
Airport rain, 24 h (in.)
Rainfall, Radarxcell-sum-Rd−1 (in.)0.007.450.026.630.710.201.1312.090.04
Rainfall, rain gauge, Rd−1 (in.)0.000.350.070.350.
Water temp (°C)27.3026.500.5026.8526.900.9726.2528.700.08
Wind alongshore, 24 h (mph)1.87−0.070.50−1.622.190.00−0.741.560.30
Wind offshore, 24 h (mph)1.22−0.870.11−0.831.340.070.77−0.830.56
Model probability (%)15.8025.400.5015.8018.400.9415.0045.200.02
  • a The P value is the result of the Wilcoxon rank-sum test comparing the median value for each variable in samples with the pathogen absent to those in samples with the pathogen present.

  • b For variables, see footnotes for Table 2. NTU, nephelometric turbidity units; mph, miles per hour.