Table 1

Kinetic parameters between wild-type strain and MC01 mutant

Kinetic parameteraWild typeMC01 mutantFold difference
μmax (h−1)0.310.722.3
rmax (mmol liter−1 h−1)31.8123.53.9
qmax (mmol g−1 h−1)93.4194.72.1
Biomass productivity (g liter−1 h−1)b0.090.232.6
H2 productivity (mmol liter−1 h−1)b30.2102.63.4
Yp/x (g H2 g−1 biomass)0.320.92.8
CO:H2:CO2 (mol:mol:mol)1:1.04:11:1.07:11.0
  • a Kinetic parameters were calculated with data from graphs in Fig. 4. μmax, maximum specific growth rate; rmax, maximum H2 production rate; qmax, maximum specific H2 production rate; Yp/x, product yield coefficient with respect to biomass.

  • b Productivity was determined by dividing total yield by time difference from 9 to 11 h for the wild-type strain and from 8 to 14 h for the mutant.