Table 3

Strain descriptions

Expt Aa
    Wild typeE. coli BW25113
    ΔleuAE. coli BW25113 leuA::Kmr
    ΔleuA hphAE. coli BW25113 leuA::Kmr/pHPH05
    ΔleuBE. coli BW25113 leuB::Kmr
    ΔleuB hphBE. coli BW25113 leuB::Kmr/pHPH08
    ΔleuCE. coli BW25113 leuC::Kmr
    ΔleuC hphCDE. coli BW25113 leuC::Kmr/pHPH01
    ΔleuDE. coli BW25113 leuD::Kmr
    ΔleuD hphCDE. coli BW25113 leuD::Kmr/pHPH01
Expt Bb
    hphAE. coli W3110/pHPH05
    hphD hphBE. coli W3110/pHPH11
    hphA hphCDE. coli W3110/pHPH10
    hphA hphBE. coli W3110/pHPH06
    leuA hphCD hphBE. coli W3110/pHPH11/pSTV29-Ptrc-leuA
    hphA hphCD leuBE. coli W3110/pHPH10/pSTV29-Ptrc-leuB
    hphA leuC leuD hphBE. coli W3110/pHPH06/pSTV29-Ptrc-leuC/D
    hphA hphCD hphBE. coli W3110/pHPH10/pHPH04
  • a Strains constructed to evaluate cell growth by exchanging leu genes with corresponding hph genes.

  • b Strains constructed to examine l-Hph production by removing hph or replacing it with a corresponding leu gene.