Table 1

Luminescence-up mutants

Disrupted gene (ORF)Independent mutant(s)aPutative functionb
arcA (VF2120) SLV41 Regulator, redox-responsive TCRS
arcB (VF2122)NL3, SLV41, SLV19, NL5, SLV36, NL6, SLV33Sensor, redox-responsive TCRS
acnB (VF2158)NRcAconitase (TCA cycle enzyme)
topA (VF1051)EMH12, EMH13Topoisomerase I (relieves negative supercoils)
lonA (VF2352)SLV32, SLV39, EMH6ATP-dependent protease
pstA (VF1984) SLV10 High-affinity phosphate transport
pstC (VF1985) SLV30 High-affinity phosphate transport
hns (VF1631) SLV15 Nucleoid-associated DNA-binding protein, global repressor
tRNAMet (VFIRNA222) EMH7 Methionine tRNA
tRNAThr (VFIRNA003) NL4 Threonine tRNA
tfoY (VF1573)NL1, EMH9Regulator of transformation competence
phoQ (VF1397)SLV16, SLV43, EMH3Sensor, Mg2+-responsive TCRS
guaB (VF0637) EMH5 Inositol-5-monophosphate dehydrogenase (purine metabolism)
ainS (VF1037)NROctanoyl homoserine lactone synthase
  • a Mutants previously identified as brighter than wild type in culture (12). Underlining indicates the representative strain for each locus reported here.

  • b TCRS, two-component regulatory system; TCA, tricarboxylic acid.

  • c NR, not reported, either due to a high rate of suppressor mutations (acnB mutants) or because symbiotic phenotypes were previously published (ainS mutants).