Table 2

Ability of mutants to compete with ES114 in symbiotic infections and cocultures

StrainDisrupted geneRCI in squid (48 h)aRCI/generationb
In squidIn culturec
SLV41 arcA 0.490.980.90
NL3 arcB 0.250.950.93
EMH12 topA 0.030.89<0.05
SLV32 lonA 0.020.880.96
SLV10 pstA 0.120.930.78
SLV30 pstC 0.040.900.78
SLV15 hns <0.05<0.05<0.05
NL1 tfoY 0.480.981.02
SLV16 phoQ 0.300.960.94
EMH5 guaB 0.400.970.93
NL2 ainS NDdND0.95
  • a All data were calculated for ≥10 animals.

  • b Estimated by assuming 30 generations for 48 h in the squid host, which was previously published as a high estimate under these conditions (15).

  • c Coculture data were collected from cultures grown in SWTO (n = 2).

  • d ND, not done (results were published previously [21]).