Table 1

Comparison of the top-ranked 3D models of CYP63A2 generated by Phyre

TemplateaSequence identity (%)bLengthcDFire resultdQMEAN6 scoreeAvg Verify3D score ± SD
1tqnA CYP3A422495−629.460.4840.33 ± 0.21
2ij2A CYP102A1 (BM3)23479−607.730.6060.31 ± 0.22
2hi4A CYP1A218471−607.730.5180.33 ± 0.18
  • a Template used for 3D modeling (PDB identifier and chain label).

  • b Sequence identity between CYP63A2 and the template used.

  • c Number of CYP63A2 amino acids modeled.

  • d DFire pseudoenergy (lower values signify a better model).

  • e QMEAN6 composite score (higher values signify a better model).