Table 2

Comparative analysis of the homology-based 3D structure of CYP63A2 and the 3D crystal structures of selected cytochrome P450s

PropertyValue for:
CYP63A2CYP3A4 (1tqn)CYP1A2 (2hi4)CYP1B1 (3pm0)CYP101D (2cpp)CYP102A1 (1bu7)
  • a Sequence length of the protein. The first number represents total length, and the second indicates the number of amino acids in the corresponding crystal structure (or model for CYP63A2). In case of the fused P450 CYP102A1, length refers to the cytochrome P450 part only.

  • b Surface area of the active-site cavity.

  • c Volume of the active-site cavity.