Table 2

Spearman rank correlation analysis of numbers of BBAL-2 and SUP05 cells obtained from Baltic Sea redoxclines

No. of samplesCorrelation of parameter with:No. of samplesCorrelation of parameter with:
Absolute cell no.Relative cell no.Absolute cell no.Relative cell no.
H2S concn45−0.700a−0.809a500.1400.091
O2 concn34−0.344b−0.14636−0.680a−0.606a
NO3 concn34−0.426b−0.26341−0.626a−0.508a
NH4 concn650.091−0.342a520.499a0.429a
PO4 concn690.048−0.333a610.526a0.560a
NO2 concn610.2270.324b57−0.042−0.211
CO2 fixationc400.1220.196320.587a0.530a
  • a P < 0.01.

  • b P < 0.05.

  • c μmol liter−1 day−1.