Intrasite diversity of translated nifH amino acid sequences at different OTU cutoff valuesa

OTU similarity (%)SiteNo. of sequencesNo. of OTUs1/DbCoverage
99MDE79129548.7 a0.77
NCD2429727.7 a0.77
TNO28710230.8 a0.79
WIR292635.39 b0.88
95MDE79114325.6 a0.93
NCD242365.47 b0.92
TNO287355.51 b0.94
WIR292294.31 b0.96
90MDE791698.02 a0.96
NCD242173.33 b0.97
TNO287203.49 b0.98
WIR292123.04 b0.99
  • a Temperate brackish tidal marsh (MDE), n = 5; warm temperate pine plantation (NCD), n = 3; warm temperate deciduous plantation (TNO), n = 2; cool temperate deciduous plantation (WIR), n = 3. See Materials and Methods for detailed site and soil information.

  • b Reciprocal Simpson's index, derived from rarefied data to ensure equal sampling across sites. Values with different letters are significantly different (P < 0.05).