Statistics for the de novo genome assemblies of B. licheniformis strains G-1, F1-1, and F2-1 using VAGUE

StatisticStrain G-1Strain F1-1Strain F2-1
No. of input reads60,000,00055,000,00020,000,000
No. of reads used53,905,23749,623,17714,524,929
k-mer size used858177
N50 of contig size (bp)504,613661,289317,026
Total no. of nucleotides in assembled genomes4,430,2314,112,3504,240,430
No. of contigs373049
GC content (%)45.746.346.1
Contig size (bp)
Calculated genome coveragea1,289×1,187×347×
  • a Calculated based on the genome size of B. licheniformis ATCC 14580 (NC_006322.1).