Abiotic properties for metagenomic sampling areasa

Sample siteSample typeTemp (°C)Concn (mM) of:Reference(s)
Marine hydrothermal vent samples
    Sisters Peak (southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge)Sulfide chimney4641.60.058.2–10.512, 64; Seifert, personal communication
    Juan de Fuca (Eastern Pacific Ridge)bSulfide chimney316≤0.96≤1.7≤258, 52, 53
    Mariana Trough (western Pacific backarc basin)Hydrothermal fluids106No dataNo dataNo data9
Marine nonvent samples
    Brazos-Trinity Basin (8 mbsf) (Gulf of Mexico)SedimentNo dataNo data<0.001No data14, 54
  • a SP and JdF concentrations are for hydrothermal fluid endmembers; i.e., magnesium = 0. In case of methane concentrations for BTB, measured values are displayed because these liquids cannot be calculated into endmembers.

  • b Fluid chemistry is not from the chimney the metagenomic analyses was performed with but from a hot venting, chemically comparable site in the JdF vent field.