Origin and genotypes of the different isolates recovered in the study

  • a Aust11c, Aust13c, Lu4, and Was3 were used as inoculant strains in different plots. The two Aust11c and Aust13c strains were originally sampled from nodules in the native area of A. mangium in Australia. None, the plantation was settled without any inoculant strain.

  • b Boldface isolates belong to the Mesorhizobium genus; all others are bradyrhizobia. Sab and Sene indicate isolates from Sabah (Malaysia) and Senegal, respectively.

  • c The list of all isolates is given in Table S1 in the supplemental material.

  • d Haplotype codes shaded in gray are identical to haplotypes of Aust11c or Aust13c. Haplotype numbers for each locus were assigned arbitrarily to make distinctions among them and do not reflect any sequence similarity.