L. rhamnosus GG bacteria or lysate reduces the growth of S. aureus in a spot-on-lawn assaya

BacteriaZone of inhibition (mm)
Aerobic conditionAnaerobic condition
S. aureus + L. rhamnosus GGNo inhibition11 ± 1.3
S. aureus + L. rhamnosus GG lysateNo inhibition18.38 ± 0.7
S. aureus + L. reuteriNo inhibitionNo inhibition
S. aureus +L. reuteri lysateNo inhibitionNo inhibition
  • a Spot-on-lawn assay demonstrating zones of inhibition produced by L. rhamnosus GG and GG lysate under the anaerobic condition but not under the aerobic condition. However, neither live L. reuteri nor L. reuteri lysate inhibited S. aureus growth under either condition. The inhibition zone was evaluated after overnight incubation by measuring the diameter of zone sizes using a ruler. Results are expressed as the means ± SEM of three individual experiments.