Metadata of the participating subjects

SubjectGenderAge (yr)No. of washes/wkNo. of deo/wkaTextile type
1M36101100% polyester
2F2810782% polyester + 18% elastane
3M29127100% cotton
4M5277100% cotton
6M4077100% polyester
8M4497100% polyester
9M36710100% polyester
10F4377100% cotton
11M4279100% polyester
12M3270100% polyester
13F3570100% polyester
14F4270100% cotton
15F4171034% cotton + 28% lyocell + 35% polyester + 3% elastane
16F6071495% cotton + 5% elastane
17M42120100% cotton
18F547795% cotton + 5% elastane
19M21710100% cotton
20M5677100% cotton
21F307995% cotton + 5% elastane
22F49147100% cotton
23F2067100% polyester
24M31105100% cotton
25F43710100% cotton
26M3849100% polyester
27F3777100% polyester
30F364995% cotton + 5% elastane
  • a deo, deodorant or antiperspirant applications.