Strain designation, amount of viral genomes, and HAV genotype in samples from patients with the indicated week of HAV diagnosis in Gothenburga

Patient strain designationwk of diagnosis in 2013No. of viral genomes/ml in patient sampleGenotypeSimilar strainwk detected in sewage
861-1335.9 × 104IBOutbreak strain9
Sewage strain w5IBStrain from Iraq5
985-1310, 11c0.7 × 104IBOutbreak strain7
2926-13120.3 × 104NDbCould not be sequenced
6033-1313123 × 104IAOutbreak strain in Hungary/The Netherlands, 2012Not found in sewage
8723-13191 × 104IBOutbreak strain7
  • a The designation, amount of viral genomes/ml sample, and genotypes of HAV in samples from patients with the indicated week for HAV diagnosis in Gothenburg are given, together with the genotype of one strain found only in sewage in week 5. In addition, the nucleotide similarity of the strains to other HAV strains is listed, along with the week when the strain was also found in sewage.

  • b ND, not determined.

  • c Last week of sampling.