C. botulinum strains isolated in Japan between 2006 and 2011

StrainBoNT serotypeabont subtypebType of botulismc (source of isolate)
Miyagi2006A(B)A1(B)IB (feces)
Miyagi2006-01A(B)A1(B)IB (well water at patient's house)
Iwate2007A(B)A1(B)IB (feces)
Ibaraki2007A(B)A1(B)IB (feces)
Tochigi2008A(B)A1(B)Adult botulism of unknown cause (feces)
Iwate2008A(B)A1(B)IB (feces)
Fukuoka2010A(B)A1(B)IB (feces)
Okayama2011BB6IB (feces)
Ehime2011BB5IB (feces)
Aichi2011AA1IB (feces)
  • a Examined with mouse protection assay and PCR.

  • b Examined by sequencing bont genes.

  • c IB, infant botulism.