Significant correlationsa between fungal relative abundances, decomposition rates, and environmental factors

Environmental factorDescription of environmental factorFungal relative abundancebDecomposition ratec
BasidioAscoChytridioGlomeroOTU9Soil respCmin
SoilSoil type (sandy loam = 0, black clay = 1)−0.580.76−0.55
CO2CO2, ppm0.55
ANPPAboveground net primary productivity, 2009, g m−20.56
P uptakeTotal P uptake by aboveground plant biomass, 2009, g m−20.57
CminCmin rate, mg C g−1 soil day−10.57
MbiomassActive microbial biomass, mg C g−1 soil0.62−0.540.88
SOCSoil organic carbon, g kg−1−0.60.720.57
Total NTotal soil N, g kg−1−0.60.680.63
Organic C/NC/N of soil organic matter−0.53−0.72
Mbiomass/SOCIndex of SOC lability0.61
Cmin/SOCIndex of SOC lability0.550.67
ChytridioChytridiomycota relative abundance0.57
  • a Significant at P values of <0.05 (n = 14, r > 0.53 or <−0.53).

  • b Relative abundances of Basidiomycota, Ascomycota, Chytridiomycota, Glomeromycota, and relative abundance of dominant OTU9.

  • c Soil respiration rate and soil carbon mineralization rate.